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Airline, Bus, Boat and Tours Booking and Reservations
Created by an Airline for an Airline

This Reservation system was originally built for Origin Pacific Airways, and was intended to be used as a simple 6-12 month interim solution before the traditional GDS system was to be used.  However, it soon became evident that this system had a significantly lower cost, and provided extensive on-the-spot report data that became invaluable to the management.  In addition, feedback from the airline's flight operations and booking staff suggested to management that it was so much easier to use than the standard booking system.  Subsequently, this Reservation system was thereby adopted as the main business application until the company ceased service in 2006. The following year the system was picked-up by Chathams Pacific for their new airline in Tonga and shortly thereafter by Air Chathams in the Chatham Islands.
Although this system was originally written and designed to be used by an Airline operation, it was successfully altered and adapted as a Tour-bus booking system, and can currently be adapted and reconfigured to suit any business that places customers on limited-capacity transport such as charter tours, boats and trains.
This Reservation system has been in continuous operation since 1998. 
Do you need a proven reservation system that matches your unique business needs?

Our Reservation System benefits
  • Passenger Service System (PSS) Airline Reservation System
  • Revenue Management
  • Flights and Schedules Management
  • Up to 12 classes and price stepping
  • Auto link any logically possible route
  • Manual link of any illogical route
  • Simple web interface for the public to book
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Our usual 24/7 help line and remote access support.