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Charters Management System

CharterSense is an all-in-one comprehensive charter flight Management program. This application is used at several leading flight charter companies around New Zealand and has been continually developed to add new features and improvements.
The application is currently being converted to the .NET environment and the new product is expected to be released in late 2009.

CharterSense benefits
  • Produces Quotes and Confirmations with ease and efficiency to provide a high level of customer service.
  • Produces detailed Brief Sheets with ease to streamline flight management.
  • Automatic calculation of distance and flight time between any two airports on the globe to save data entry and guesswork.
  • Maximise profit by predetermining all costs associated with any port.
  • Interfaces with leading accounting software including MYOB and MoneyWorks
  • Produces invoices directly from data entered at quoting, streamlining and automating invoicing procedures and eliminates the need for multiple documents on multiple applications.
  • Provides a benefit to company cash flow allowing daily/weekly invoicing to customers.
  • Regular software updates and product development based on Clients needs.
  • Our usual 24/7 help line support.